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Submersible pumps are a type of centrifugal pumps that pump fluid while being submerged in that fluid. The submersible pumps are designed and sealed in such a way that the fluid is unable to enter the machinery of the pump and damage the motor.



There are many advantages of submersible pumps. Firstly, they do not take any floor space as they are submerged in the fluid. The installation cost of a submersible pump is also less than other types of pumps because of that reason. Secondly, they do not create much noise as well as fluids tend to decrease the volume of sounds. Moreover, they have lower maintenance costs as well.


Here are all the types of customized submersible pumps that are included in our line of expertise.


Centrifugal Non Clogging Pump

Centrifugal non clogging pumps are designed to do your dirty work. They are generally used for pumping wastewater from sewages and its discharging. Auston Pumps brings you two types of centrifugal non clogging pumps; vertical and horizontal. With their solid built body and non-clogging , forget that you will ever have to face clogging.

Dry Self-Priming Pump

Self-priming centrifugal pumps are designed to overcome the problem in pumping out air. These pumps air-bind the fluid with the entered air. In air-binding the fluid, the air mixed with the fluid such that it is pumped out with the fluid without disturbing the pump’s flow. These pumps are usually used for pumping shallow levels of fluid. Auston Pumps deals in dry self-priming pumps that are installed partially or totally outside the fluid.

Flood Control Emergency Pump

During flood situations, fastest response and a powerful solution is required. Worry not because Auston Pumps has also got the solution for floods. Auston Pumps builds the strongest, quickest and most reliable pumps to deal with such disasters. Flood control emergency pumps are also available in two variants that are horizontal and vertical for more customizability.

Submersible Mixed Flow Pump

Submersible mixed flow pumps have a mixed feature of axial and radial flow. The radial flow of pump allows water flow in the direction of the flow whereas the axial flow redirects the water flow in perpendicular direction i.e. usually vertical direction.

 Horizontal Volute Mixed Flow Pump

Auston Pumps also produces highly efficient horizontal volute mixed flow pumps that are best for pumping clean water and similar chemical liquids. The volute mixed flow design means that there is a combination of all spiral, axial and radial design in a single pump. This type of pumps are used in both agricultural and industrial fields. Its applications also include municipal drainage.

QW Pumps

QW pumps are versatile, energy efficient pumps that are used for different industrial applications as well as public works. It is generally used in sewage disposal and treatment systems. Auston pumps brings QW pumps that also have the no clogging feature as well. We manufacture two types of QW pumps. The first is the horizontal type that is fully submersible. The second is the vertical type that is installed dry.

QZ Submersible Axial Pump

Auston Pumps also deals in QZ submersible axial pumps. The QZ series submersible axial pumps are specially designed for pumping large volumes of fluids. These pumps are ideal for industrial and municipal applications. It used to deal with clean, waste, rain, sea water, etc.

Sewage Pump

Auston pumps also brings dedicated sewage pumps with a vertical build. They are highly efficient for municipal usage.

All in all, we can provide customise submersible pump solution to suit your needs. For any submersible pump enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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