Auston submersible sewage pump are designed and suitable for Australian conditions. Advanced design to prevent water incursion if the cable is submersed or the cover is damaged. Submersible motor protection level is at IPX8 with insulation class F which can auto cut off the power supply in abnormal conditions and ensure pump motors longevity . Thermal protection against motor dry running. Double mechanical seal with hydraulic lifter and oil lifter provides optimum seal life. Automatic vent valve in place. 2 pole motor and 4 pole motor available. The pump offer choke-free operation with semi-closed double channel impeller design. Leaking sensor available for 22 kw pumps and over.



  • Sewage water treatment systems
  • Transferring wasterwater from industrial plant
  • Draining effluent from hospital, hotel, commercial buildings



Operation Data:

  • Ambient Temperature up to 40 degree,density up to 1200 kilograms per cubic meter
  • PH value 4 to 10
  • Discharge bore 40mm to 300mm
  • 50HZ, three phase/single phase, 380V
  • Durable custom designed available upon request for heavy duty sewage pumps ensure low power consumption, optimum pump performance and large solids passage