• Performed, Stable OHV Engine
  • Friendly Environmental, Lower Emission
  • Commercial & Industrial Triplex Plunger Pump
  • 4-Mode Nozzles, 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, Detergent Applied
  • 8-10M High-pressure Hose
  • Stable Trigger Gun, Protection Lock Mounted
  • Wheel Mounted, Easy to Move
  • Power-Coated Firm Frame, Nice Appearance
  • Easy to operate, Maintainenace
  • Accessory Service Available

Technical parameters

Engine model SPW270
Displacement 270 cc
Bore×Stroke 77mm×58mm
Compression ratio 8.2∶1
Net power 5.2 kW/3600rpm
Rated speed 3600r/min
Oil capacity 1.1 L
Fuel tank capacity 6.0 L
Pump type Triplex pump
Pressure 3000 psi
Max. Pressure 3200 psi
Flow 3.5 GPM
Dimension 850×800×685
Net weight 52kg

Optional configuration

1. Available choices of gasoline engine power or diesel engine power
2. Available choices of pump gasoline engine power configuration
3. Available choices of s variety of frame styles