Bearing: Increase size bearing for long bearing life and smooth running Impeller: Shrouded impeller design provide high efficiency & low hydraulic thrust. Design: Hydraulic design provide high efficiency, low NPSH & stable characteristics.


Air conditioning, Heating and ventilating, Refrigeration, Fire fighting, Plumbing Food and drink process, Circulating, Water Pressure Boosting, Transfer, Water treatment and supply, Irrigation, Drainage, Factory pumping, Process industry, Petroleum products, General industrial

Standard material
  • Casing: GG20/GG25/304SS/316SS/316L SS
  • Impeller:CuZn30Sn1/GG20/GG25/304SS/316SS/316L
  • SS Shaft:Stainless steel
  • Wear ring: GG20
  • Mechanical seal:SiC-Graphite
  • Bearing size:6306/6308/6310

  • Discharge Diameter: 32mm to 350mm
  • Suction Diameter: 50-400mm
  • Capacity range: 5m3/hr~1100m3/hr
  • Max working pressure: 16BAR (40 bar on request)