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Auston’s Hand Carry Submersible Pump

Auston offers you the very best range of hand carry pumps. Coming in a number of sizes and types, Auston’s hand carry pumps mix great volume with effective pumping technology. It pumps out all the water you need to pump out and stops right when you want it to. Another fantastic aspect about Auston’s hand carry pumps is that they are submersible. You can submerge the pump in water if the water is too much to allow the pump to suck in water more easily. The pump is designed to help you achieve your task in an efficient manner.

Auston’s Hand Carrry Submersible Pumps are available in plastic and stainless steel. They come in a number of sizes and capacities that reach up to 16 m3h. Moreover, the pumps also vary in their pumping power among other details. As the power increases, so does the amount of electricity the pump needs. Beyond that, both stainless and plastic submersible pumps also come with two different specifications. They are available for both dirty and clean water. Clean water is easier to pump as it is less dense while dirty water is harder because of all the impurities in it. Filters are attached to the pumps to help you pump in the dirty water without much of a hassle.

Auston offers a wide variety of submersible hand carry pumps. Each pump has its own specifications and hence its own use. If you happen to be looking for the hand carry pump you need for some odd jobs, give our collection a look. You are bound to see something that would be of use to you. We simply offer the top quality submersible hand carry pumps in both plastic and stainless steel.

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