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Fish farming pump

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Auston series of fish farming pumps are widely used by fish famers and the pump can also be used for salt water pool pump as well. Apply in convey fluid, and in aquaculture, it is mainly to fill the pond with water and drainage, so as to ensure the different water level requirements of each stage of fish growth. The pump can be improving the transparency of pool water, strengthen photosynthesis of pool water, and improving primary productivity of pond.


Special PPO material are in use. It has good dimensional stability and high insulation. With good flame retardancy, self-extinguishing, low shrinkage, our user enjoy excellent experience. Plus, Auston fish pumps has good mechanical properties and thermal properties and excellent water resistance.

In the past old days, we used 316L stainless steel pumps for sea water, but they soon got rusty. By using this new special plastic of PPO, a perfect solution by Auston pumps has come in the new ages, which is economical and practical. This fish farming pumps are CE certified, with maximum capacity to 1500l/min and maximum head at 17.5meter up to power at 4.0 kw


Look no further and our pump is highly cost effective and worth to buy.




Liquid temperature : 5-50C

Maximum working pressure is 0.3MPa

Maximum capacity is 1500 litre per minute

Maximum head is 17.5 metre

**Special formula of plactic to be used in sea water environment and special technical of mechnical seal installed.

** Advantage: Low cost, long life, low maintainance, easy to install

Application in : mariculture circulation filter and recirculation of water in swimming pool

4 models are available for selection, please let us know your duty point and we will see we can select the pump for you.

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