Hydraulic Power Unit

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The new hydraulic power unit offers a transformative design capable of operating multiple tools at the same time. This will

increase the productivity and versatility like never before. The benefits of this hydraulic drive are not limited to power supply,

lighter weight,higher mobility, user-friendliness and easier to assemble. All these features will save you abundance of time and resources.



Flood Emergency Control

Construction dewatering

Water transferring



  • High efficiency centrifugal wind wheel:
  • Low power consumption
  • Strong heat dissipating capacity
  • Stable operation at high temperature for a long time.


  • Stainless steel tank:
  • Resistance to heat and cold condition,
  • Prevent corrosion, safe and reliable.



  • Optimal design of CG in 3D:
  • The weights on each side of the tires in a well balance enable power unit can be moved without effort.


  • Solid rubber tires:
  • Big 14 inches tires, pass the ditch smoothly


  • Heat shield of muffler:
  • Quadratic optimization of muffler heat dissipation
  • Reduce the heat affected on the hydraulic components and prolong their service life
  • 12V DC plug:
  • Provides power for electric tools


  • Multiple output modes:
  • Operate two tools at 8 or 10 GPM simultaneously, or one tool at 16 or 20 GPM.


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