Hydraulic Knowledge: The Key to Firing up Innovative Developments in the Pump Industry

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When it comes to the recent innovations in the pump industry, it’s quite a challenge to name a hydraulic-focused development. Most companies today tend to spend their time on secondary matters, such as working on sensors aimed for tracking and tracing. Over the years, pump manufacturers focused on optimizing their production processes by cutting the costs for production for as low as possible. Many companies reduced the weight of the pumps and purchased materials from suppliers who offer the lowest prices. This trend had resulted in products with poor quality, and customers have no choice but to lower their standards for quality and satisfaction as well.

Leading companies in the world show their hunger for power. They want to take over the industry. But instead of making renewability and real innovations as their sources of income, these things only add up to a company’s expenses. Today, the values of the stock market are on the lead, while developments that entail substantial costs and years of exploration struggle to show off their contribution. Many years dedicated to product development had been wasted.  The thing is, most manufacturers take for granted the key that can lower production costs but can effectively enhance product efficiency –hydraulic knowledge.

The Importance of Hydraulic Knowledge in Product Development

To reduce potential losses while increasing product efficiency, a team of engineers must have the appropriate hydraulic knowledge. They must apply their skills early in the game, as early as the design phase. With proper design, the diffusion losses can be minimized with the pump’s casing (volute) and rotor (impeller). Notably, a diffuser located behind the pump is not necessary when it comes to reducing the fluid velocity.

To lessen excessive piping head losses, engineers with appropriate knowledge opt for lower velocities. This system also lessens the noise and makes it easier for the team to maintain the pump as well as the overall pumping system.

Auston Pump: A Pump Associated Manufacturer that Aims to Make a Difference

With the right knowledge, pump manufacturing would no longer be a threat to the environment. The right product complemented with smart installation would also help companies reduce operation-related costs.

Here at Auston Pump, we aspire to make a positive change. We are willing to dedicate years to smart design, to ensure that our selection of pumps would benefit all kinds of businesses, big or small, within the industry. With an ISO-certified manufacturing area, we guarantee that all of our products are built with the highest standards and would function to the best efficiency point.

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