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Fish Friendly Pump : Customise Screw Axial Flow Pump

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  • Introduction

    Nowadays,people realize how the water pumps are incurring damage and even causing fatalities to the fish stock. When water pumps sucked water, fish easily got stuck in the pump’s impeller, they got injured or even died. This is why fish friendly pumps got invented for the safety of the fish as well as the safety of the pumps’ machinery.
    A fish friendly pump is a kind of pump that pumps clean water like regular pumps. Plus it has a special extra capability of letting live fish and eels pass through them without causing damage or injuries to them. The sign of a properly functioning fish friendly pump is that when fish pass through it and come out, they behave normally. Fish are able to swim away from the water source swiftly. They are not in shock or look stunned or their movement is affected in anyway when they come out and they survive.

  • Auston Fish Friendly Pumps

    Auston Pumps brings to you the best fish friendly, screw axial flow pumps. It is volute type construction with a closed screw-centrifugal or spiral vane impeller which offers the ultimate performance in gentle handling, guaranteeing virtually 99% fish survival. Our pumps do not compromise on the lives of fish and makes sure that they pass through the pump uninjured and unaffected.

    To obtain this high level of survivability, the pump has to be correctly applied to ensure the pump is operating close to its best efficiency point. The impeller has a single spiral vane offering large free passages which even gives the possibility of handling large quantities of weed and other debris. Pressure of our pumps have been properly adjusted to provide a safe passage to the fish while not compromising on the velocity with which the clean water is pumped.

    In a normal pump, the flow angle of the water is really big. This endangers the lives of the fish as when the water is pumped. If a fish flows in with the water, it hits the impeller of the pump and is immediately injured or even takes it life. To make sure this does not happen, Auston fish friendly pumps have set a slow angle change. This ensure it provides a spiral passage for the fish to pass through allowing it to smoothly flow with the water without having a risk of colliding with the impeller.

  • Advantage and comparison of Screw axial flow pump

    Auston fish friendly water pumps are equipped with class H insulation motor. It has the capability of sustaining heat up to 180°C with a hotspot margin of 15°C. Whereas compare to other pump supplier in the market, they have only been able to achieve sustainability of up to 155°C with a hot spot margin of 10°C with class F insulation only.

    Plus, Auston pumps use spiral vane impeller which have been proved to be the best for the fish rather than using two vane impellers like others which put lives of fish in danger. The advantages of using a spiral vane impeller are higher survival rate of the fish as well as better environmental protection.

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