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What is chemical process pump ?

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Chemical process pumps are mainly used for extracting and handling corrosive liquids such as acid and alkali from various of industry application. For example, it can be used to handling fine chemical using in pharmaceutical industry, transfer of acids and chemicals in pesticides, textile factory, water treatment for power generation , and steel production. More, due to its popularity, it is widely used in urban water supply and drainage, and also be used for irrigation and drainage in farmland and orchard, for transporting other liquids, such as clear water with physical and chemical properties similar to fresh water. In summary, to define the application of the chemical pumps,  they are in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, power plants, food, pharmaceutical, synthetic fiber and other sectors to transport corrosive medium or high physical and chemical media at different temperatures.


Why smart industrial and professional pump users will use PVDF chemical pump instead of other chemical pumps from Auston pumps? Chemical process pumps has the advantages of stable and reliable performance, good sealing performance, beautiful appearance, and convenient maintenance with very reasonable price level compared to pumps made by heavy metal or by super duplex stainless steel using in sea water pump. The smallest Auston chemical process pump can be costed from USD 300.00 to handle heavy and high concentration acids liquid. This option provide the user with more possibilities for cost reduction in their industrial production process. Hence, this type of pump bring by us plays a great role to improve the manufacture quality of products, reduce the leakage of corrosive liquid during production, prevent pollution and improve the overall environment.


Over the years, Auston pumps has kept improving the material formula of PVDF to meet the advance international level. The main material of wetted parts of the chemical process pump is PVDF, PVDF has good chemical resistance, processability, and strong in fatigue resistance. With CE certified in our pumps, we believe we can ensure users and our distributors highest level of satisfaction and user experience.


Free professional service : pump advise and sound industrial solutions will be provide to all our customers in Auston pumps. And we will customize your situation and provide budget pump solutions for your consideration. Looking for PVDF chemical pumps ? Please email Auston pumps.

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