Auston signature product : End suction Pump. These series are designed suitable for Australian pumping conditions. With proven track records among global pump users,this is the pump you can trust. The casing is heavy duty design for 16bar operating pressure, suction with inlet vane to reduce the NPSH. To ensure fast maintenance and easy installation, the back pull out design is in place. The wearing ring is replaceable to ensure optimum efficiency. In addition, removable and adjustable support construction is provided for better user experience. Stainless steel shaft sleeve is in use to prevent damage to the shaft which also save up maintenance cost.


Cooling water
Water supply/distribution
Fire Protection
General Industrial services

Operating Data
  • Capacity: Up to 900m3/h
  • Head: Up to 140m
  • Temperature: Up to 105 degree
  • Speed: 2900/1450rpm 3500/1740rpm
  • 40 bar available upon request.