Welcome to AST Engineering Pty Ltd

Auston is a global brand of pumps, pump components and accessories from AST Engineering Pty Ltd, an Australian owned company, which has two generations of specialised industry experience. We operate our own ISO certified factory overseas to manufacture all pumps, components and accessories to ensure our premium quality and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our highly qualified professionals will work with you to specifically design and alter pump models to accommodate your needs such as custom flow or bespoke head. We customise individual pump components to our customers’ requirements to ensure superior performance and maximise energy efficiency.


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Mission Statement

Auston Pump’s mission is to lead the market with qualified pumps and services both with standardised and customised solution, ensuring better performance and efficient energy use. We seek the customer need, promise the best solution and deliver their satisfaction. Our customer is valuable to us, their requirement is our motivation and their satisfaction is our achievement.

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Why Choose Auston